Black boxes inside Krakow trams

After the third tram accident at ul. Dietla and ul. Stradom crossroads, the Road and Transport Management Board in Krakow (KZD) has made an experiment confirming the poor conditions of tram-lanes in Krakow, Gazeta Wyborcza reported.
The City Public Transport (MPK) has announced that black boxes — special recording devices — are going to be installed inside every tram in Krakow.
The most tragic accident occurred on Tuesday evening, May 30. One of two wagons of tram number 79 fell off the tram-lane killing a 26-year-old man and seriously hurting his 24-year-old friend.
The second accident happened at the same crossroad on Friday afternoon, June 1. Again, line number 79 was turning right from Stradom into Dietla Street and fell off the lane, hitting tram number 38 approaching from the opposite direction.
Luckily no one was hurt, but one side of tram 38 was completely damaged.
The third derailing occurred the following day, on June 2.
Tram number 71 went off the lane, however the driver managed to put the tram in reverse so that its wheels returned onto the rails and prevented another accident.
A switch defect was the primary reason for the most recent two incidents, informed Gazeta Wyborcza.
The experiment executed after the second crash proved that a switch was changing automatically without the driver?s notice. It is still unknown though, why the problem is occurring.
?There is one important conclusion from the experiment,? said Julian Pilszczek, chairman of MPK, ?this is the last moment for tram lines modernization.?
He also assured that the company will install black boxes in all trams.
?Besides the tram?s speed registration, the black box will also record different driver?s activities,? Piszczek explained. According to Gazeta Wyborcza these kinds of devices are actually only mounted in Bombardier trams.

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