Krakow News 13 June 2016: Bonarka gives out bus tickets, Karmalicka office project, drunk driver

krakow ticket machine

Shop at Bonarka, take a bus for free

Starting June 13th till July 1st Bonarka will let customer’s hand in their receipts from shopping in for a free ticket for public transport. The requirements are that the receipt handed in must be for a minimum of 30 PLN. The ticket will then be valid till the end of the day. The campaign will not apply to receipts from Auchan. ZIKiT hopes that this campaign will encourage people to take public transport and leave their cars at home. [LoveKrakow]

Drunk driver crashes into stop

A drunk driver drove into the tram stop near Wita Stwosza last night. It was soon discovered that the driver had a previous record for drunk driving. The man had twice the legal limit of alcohol in his bloodstream and has previously had his license taken away. [LoveKrakow]

Karmalicka office building: residents protest

Plans to build an office building for the Institute of National Remembrance on the terrain of the current parking lot are underway. City councilors have given a temporary decision ok-ing project, much to residents’ upset as they expressed multiple times that they hoped that the space would become a local park. Currently there is no detailed plan on the project’s construction. [Onet]

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