Krakow News 11 June 2016: Stolarska Day, Color Festival, smoke on Szewska


Stolarska Day

Stolarska, a street in Krakow most known for the three different consulates located on it. On Saturday something connected all three of them other than just their street; all three countries had their own holidays, To tie in with the special day, a special event called Stolarska Day (Święto ulicy Stolarskiej) where people found booths commemorating different events in different countries on the street, along with special games. [Radio Krakow]

Smoke seeps onto Szewska

Police forcibly entered an apartment building on Szewska Street on Saturday after it was noticed that smoke was coming from the apartment. It was soon discovered that the tenant was not in the apartment, and that the source of the smoke was coming from her trashcan. Police speculate that the source was a cigarette that had now been put out properly. [LoveKrakow]

Fourth annual Color Festival

The fourth edition of the Holi Color Festival took place in Czyżyny on Saturday. The even took place on the landing strop at the Aviation Museum in Krakow. [LoveKrakow]

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