Krakow News 4 June 2016: Air pollution alarm drills, KOD march, death at Zakrzówek


Air pollution tests next week

From June 7th till 9th RENEGADE drills will take place throughout Krakow. Two types of alarms will be transmissioned: the first one an acoustic sirine for up to three minutes, informing residents of air pollution, the second one being one nonstop sirine for up to three minutes, which will inform us that the high pollution has decreased. [LoveKrakow]

KOD march for democracy

KOD (the Committee for the Defense of Democracy) once again took over the streets of Krakow. This time a special “Freedom March” took place to commemorate the 27th anniversary of the freedom to vote in Poland. During the march participants spoke out against the current democracy in Poland is corrupt. Notable figures such as Józefa Hennelowa, Jerzy Zdrada, and Edward Nowak took part in the march. [LoveKrakow]

Fatal accident at Zakrzówek

On Friday a tragic accident took place at Zakrzówek lake. While details on the victim are not fully known, the woman’s body is still being searched for by the police who suspect she was wanted for other crimes. This is just one of a few fatal accidents at Zakrzówek this year, one of them being in May when a scuba diver lost contact with his team. [LoveKrakow]

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