Krakow News 30 May 2016: Night of Books, window for animals, tree blocks road


Night of Books

On June 9th and 10th a special event entitled “Night of Books” (Nocy Książki) will take place. The annual event will revolve around the theme of report literature, currently one of the most popular forms of literature. The event will take place in the main hub for Klub Jagilloński on Main Square 34. The two-day event will start off on June 9th at 19:00 with a workshop about writing as a career. On June 10th the event will start at 18:30 with a film “Czanobylby” and a short Q&A with the film’s director. Those interested can sign up via this link to reserve spots. [Love Krakow]

Window for abandoned animals

Krakow councilor Małgorzata Jantos is fighting for a ‘window of life’ for animals. The window would be a location for those who do not wish to keep their pets to give them away. She hopes that, by creating such a project, fewer animals will be abandoned on the streets of Krakow. A similar window is currently used in Warsaw on Wolski Street. She hopes that if her idea is supported, that a window would appear on Floriańska Street. [Love Krakow]

Tree blocks road

On Monday Prądnicka Street was blocked for some hours due to a tree falling onto the road. The tree fell near Nowy Kleparz and Prądnicka Street just as a car was driving past. The driver notified officials on the accident and shortly after traffic was redirected via Wrocławska Street. [Radio Krakow]

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