Krakow News 27 May 2016: Bomb threat, animals on the highway

courtesy of LoveKrakow

Animals on the highway

GDDKiA (General Directorate for National Roads and Highways) will be holding a meeting concerning animals on the highway. The reason behind the meeting stems from a conflict between highway police and highway control officials over animals near the highway’s borders. A police spokesperson stated that the lack of control of animals running near and over the highway’s border has forced police to take the situation into their own hands. The main issue in the conflict is that no side has proper responsibility over controlling said animals. GDDKiA hopes that, with their meeting, they will be able to remedy the situation and find a solution. [LoveKrakow]

Bomb threat at Galeria

A bomb threat at Galeria Kazimierz forced officials to evacuate Galeria Kazimierz early on Friday. At the same time Silesia City Center in Katowice was being evacuated due to a similar threat, both of which were sent to police via email. Witnesses of the evacuation process criticize the police’s resources, the entire evacuation process lasting 15 minutes.

At the moment, no information is available on the possible culprits behind the threats. [LoveKrakow]

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