Krakow News 25 May 2016: Church buys property 98% discounted, Krakow Zoo


Church to receive 98% discount on property

Krakow councilors have voted on a decision concerning property worth up to 3 million PLN. The decision stated that the church would receive a 98% discount on property in Łagiewnikach and will pay 68 thousand PLN only. As part of Polish law, if the buyer runs a charitable organization they can receive a 98% discount.

At the vote 31 people voted, while 4 were against and 5 did not vote. [Radio Krakow]

Krakow Zoo ready for penguins

Starting June 9th Krakow’s Zoo will start to host penguins. The property is mostly ready for them, with the final touches being made to finalize all preparations. A special pool has been installed and filled for the thirty penguins that will come to Krakow. [LoveKrakow]

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