Krakow News 20 May 2016: Free public transport during WYD, Man shoots himself in Dąb


Free public transport for WYD?

City officials want pilgrims and residents to ride public transport during World Youth Day – for free. Most officials are on the same page on the project, many of which are looking for funding at the moment. An estimated 20 million PLN would be needed to make public transport free during the July event, which officials hope the central budget could help provide. [LoveKrakow]

Man shoots himself in Dąb

During an encounter between a collections agent and a 57 year old resident of the Dąb in Krakow the 57 year old male was shot dead. During a routine house call the collections agent was forced to call a locksmith when the man would not open his front door to the agent. Once they entered the apartment it was soon discovered that the man had shot himself. Attempts to reanimate him were unsuccessful and the man died. [LoveKrakow]



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