Krakow News 19 May 2016: Bridges in Brzegi, tropical disease in Krakow?


Bridges in Brzegi

Construction on four temporary bridges in Brzegi began. The bridges will serve to help pilgrim’s access different parts of the field used for the event. World Youth Day organizers have also started work on emergency routes on the terrain of Campus Misericordiae. [LoveKrakow]

Tropical disease in Krakow?

According to reports, neither the major hospitals in Krakow or the Center for Disease Control have taken any precautions to control an outbreak of tropical disease with the influx of pilgrims in Krakow. Officials state that tourists arriving from tropical countries will have to receive the proper vaccinations before their arrival. Part of these concerns comes with the growing popularity of the Zika virus, however in a report published by the World Health Organization the chances of the virus surviving in Europe are slim. [LoveKrakow]

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