Krakow News 14 May 2016: 12th Equality March, Rain takes over roads

Krakow Post - LGBTQI+ March 2016 (17)

12th Equality March

On Saturday the 12th annual Equality March took place. The march started near the National Museum in Krakow, walking through the city up to Plac Wolnica. The theme of the march was to endorse equality, of the sexes, ages, origins, beliefs, sexual orientation. [LoveKrakow]

Rain takes over the roads

During the night onto Saturday morning, intense rains took over the region. As a result, a series of accidents took place on Lesser Poland’s roads. One accident took place between a car and a delivery van on the 966 in Lednicy Górnej. The road to Nowy Sacz was blocked as well as the road to Ostrowie. The number of accidents on account of the weather was high, with some accidents happening 2 km from each other. One of the most unfortunate accidents was on the A4 highway to Tarnowa when 8 cars collided around 8 pm. Most of these accidents were on account of the intense weather conditions. [Radio Krakow]

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