Krakow News 13 May 2016: Municipal police fight smog, and 500+ funds mismanaged

View over rooftops and smoking chimneys from the fires in cottages below in the coastal town of Whitby in Yorkshire, England

Municipal police fight smog

Over 3 thousand surprise visits, 260 fines and 14 criminal charges – these are just some of the results of the municipal police’s maintenance checks of the heating systems at residential homes. Police were on a look out for people burning trash, and visited over 300 places. In some cases police took samples of ash under suspicion that the homes were burning toxic materials. Municipal police have conducted these routine checks ever since 2009, the number of visits doubling every year. [Radio Krakow]

500+ funds mismanaged

The Marshall’s Office for Lesser Poland has accused the region’s main office of moving funds meant for the 500+ program to other programs. It is suspected that Józef Pilch moved 825 thousand PLN for the program, and now as a result other programs will suffer to cover the cost. Other accusations such as mismanagement of the local branch of the 500+ program may end Pilch in court. [LoveKrakow]



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