Krakow News 12 May 2016: LOT leaves Basztowa, Dębnicki Bridge crossing


LOT leaves Basztowa

LOT has officially left Basztowa Street for their new offices. This leaves people wondering if the popular Basztowa LOT public transport stop will change. LOT was on Basztowa Street for over 40 years, and now with their departure ZIKiT is considering changing the name of the stop, however they are afraid that the change might cause more confusion and for now the stop name will go unchanged. [Radio Krakow]

Pedestrian crossing near Dębnicki Bridge

The pedestrian crossing near Dębnicki Bridge has for years left residents irritated with its inconvenience. Many plans however show that next year during a renovation project on Zwierzyniecka Street and Kościuszki Street may create a pedestrian cross near the bridge.

The pedestrian crossing planned existed before, and was only meant to have disappeared ‘temporarily’ due to other construction projects. [LoveKrakow]

via LoveKrakow

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