Pole Wounded in IRA Attack

In an attack British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said “shocked and outraged” the country, two gunmen set upon the Massereene army base in Northern Ireland, killing two soldiers and wounding four others, including one Pole. The Real IRA, a group that split off from the Provisional IRA in 1997, claimed their responsibility for the attack, which took place around 9:20 p.m. on Saturday 7 March.

Amongst the four wounded were two pizza delivery men, one of them a Pole. The 32-year-old Domino’s Pizza employee was in the process of delivering pizzas to the soldiers with his colleague when the gunmen opened fire. The Pole was critically wounded, and was rushed to the Antrim Area Hospital with the other victims, where he underwent surgery successfully. Aleksander Dietkow, the consulate general in Edinburg, told the press: “Doctors have said that his life is no longer in danger, but his state is still serious.”

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