Krakow News 8 May 2016: New museum / “Get Home Safe” program / Rats in Czyżyny

krakow ticket machine

New museum in Krakow

On Sunday a new museum called I Remember opened in Krakow. The museum is the youngest amongst Krakow’s museums, and showcases Jewish art in Poland. The museum will also serve as a place to celebrate the career, art works and paintings of Chaim Goldberg. His son Shalom Goldberg explained that the opening was sudden after he got a call from a local art curator who wanted to celebrate his father’s work. The museum is open from May 9th and will cost 18 PLN. [LoveKrakow]

“Get Home Safe” program results in fines

Part of the city’s new “Get Home Safe” program, on Friday night on Saturday morning public transport was filled with municipal police, MPK inspectors and ticket inspectors. For six hours 12 tickets were issued for petty offences, 7 fines (some up to 700 PLN) were issues, as well as 66 fines for riding public transport without a ticket. [LoveKrakow]

Rats in Czyżyny

Czyżyny may have a rat problem. After multiple complaints of the rodents in the area, city councillors have now taken on the task of fighting them, with councillor Krzysztonek personally appealing to the mayor of Krakow on the issue.  [Onet]

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