Krakow News 6 May 2016: Trams to Nowa Huta / Library week kicks off / Unity Center goes on

Tram 25 in Nowa Huta in 1991
Tram 25 in Nowa Huta back in 1991

Trams back to Bronowice, stopped to Nowa Huta

After a two-week break, trams will come back to Bronowice. This time however, residents of Nowa Huta will experience difficulties with public transport. Trams this weekend between Kocmyrzowskiego and Mistrzejowice will temporarily stop, as well as those servicing Piastów. Alternative buses will be available.

To view the rest of the changes you can visit the MPK site or use JakDojade for updates. [LoveKrakow]

Library Week kicks off

Starting Saturday the XIII edition of national Library Week will kick off. Krakow’s libraries have prepared activities just for it’s readers this week. Libraries hope that the event will help convince residents to read more and make use of local libraries.

Some of the events include a special Friday the 13th were readers can get on the 13th train at 13:00 filled with trinkets related to classics. Many of Krakow’s cinemas such as Kika, Agrafka and Kijów will also take part in the event. [LoveKrakow]

Unity Center threat overcome

Recently we reported on the threat of the future of Szkieletor’s new reincarnation, the Unity Tower. Previously, the Ornithological Society of Lesser Poland publically spoke against the project due to the birds nesting inside the building’s frame. This could have delayed the tower’s completion, as developers could not complete the project until after the birds had come out of hibernation. Reports however show that after a recent police patrol no birds were discovered on the property. The organizations accusations were unfounded, according to LoveKrakow’s sources. [LoveKrakow]

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