Krakow News 29 April 2016: Jubilat stop closed this weekend / Tram derails / Proton therapy in Krakow


Jubilat bus to close temporarily

On Saturday and Sunday the “Jubilat” bus stop will close. Instead, commuters should use the stops “Konopnicka” or “Cracovia”, near the movie theater Kijów.Centrum. The change is only temporarily and the bus stop will function as normal starting Monday. [Love Krakow]

Tram derails

On Friday at 9:00 tram number 52 derailed near Rondo Kocmyrzowskiego. The road up until Rondo Cyżyńskiego was blocked and trams were redirected via Plac Centralny during this time. Another Krakowiak tram was put on the tracks, however it was soon discovered that the rails were damaged. MPK were able to repair the rails within 3 hours and by 1:00 pm trams were functioning as before. [Love Krakow]

Proton therapy in Krakow

Starting June proton therapy will be part of the special treatments patients can enjoy under the umbrella of free health care of the NFZ. Krakow plans on making the treatment available for everyone, with specifically the Ministry of Health hoping that by making the treatment more readily available it will become more popular in Poland as a way to treat cancer. [Radio Krakow]



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