Krakow News 24 April 2016: Slopes close in Tatry / Road issues this week / New plan to combat smog?


New plan to combat smog?

The Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Oczyszczania, the Department of Sanitation, has purchased new equipment to combat smog in Krakow. The Department of Sanitation claims that 17% of smog comes from public transport, which they hope their new equipment will counteract by cleaning the roads regularly for dust on the roads and pollution from vehicles. All of the newly acquired equipment is certified with a PM10 certification, meaning that it doesn’t bring up dust as it cleans. [Gazeta Krakowska]

Slopes closed in Tatry

Due to signs of less and less snow on the slopes in the Tatra Mountains, slopes have been closed. Trails in the Tatry will remain open, officials in the area cleaning that closing the slopes was due in part with animals coming out of hibernation. Groundhogs and chamois are two local animals in the area that come out more during spring. A slope in Kotle Gąsienicowym is still open, however due to the small traces of snow conditions are rough. [Onet]

Trouble on the road this week

From Monday to Thursday, due to works on gas lines as well as works on Łokietka Street part of the street will be closed. During all works on the area, the street will temporarily become a one-way road. Starting Monday till Saturday water line works will be done on T. Śliwiaka Street up to Rącznej Street. [Love Krakow]

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