Krakow News 20 April 2016: City bikes to roll out soon / Citizen’s Budget ideas / Hospital evacuation


City bikes to roll out soon

In February, we reported that ZIKiT was delaying the roll out of their new city bike system. The company was looking at new providers to update and improve their public bike system, which has delayed the re-release of the bike system for sometime. Starting next week however we will know who will provide the new city bikes and how they will look like. While this is good news the bike system will roll out latest in one month. While Krakow has experience delays compared to other Polish cities in bringing back the bike system this year, Krakow was actually the first city in Poland to release a public city bike system in 2008. [Radio Krakow]

2016 Citizen’s Budget: project ideas

On the main page of the site “Dialogu Społecznego” (translation: Social Dialogue) some of the main project suggestions for the Citizen’s Budget have been released. One of the main ones that appear on the list is eliminating the municipal police in Krakow. The plan aims to use the fund from the budget to help fund additional police patrols that could replace the role.

Another suggested project focuses on relaying the asphalt near Al. 3 Maja so that when drivers travel near Błonia, the road will play the Maricaki “hejnał”. Voting for this year’s budget will take place in the second half of June. [Radio Krakow]

Hospital evacuation

Today the University Hospital in Krakow was evacuated. This however, was just a test in the case of a chemical contamination. The hospital was completely cleared out for this trial run, which is routine in all of Krakow hospitals. [Radio Krakow]

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