Krakow News 19 April 2016: WYD precautions / Fountain clean up for summer / Interactive system in GK


WYD: new security precautions

Leading up to July’s World Youth Day, Tauron is taking the proper steps to secure power lines in Brzegi during the event. One of such power lines is located on the field of the July event, however Tauron plans on securing the immediate land surrounding the tower to guarantee nothing happens to the two million pilgrims during the event.

Organizers of the event have also gone on record to state that they plan on creating mini bridges and evacuation routes for the pilgrims in the case of any risks. This was published in a report in response to the one a few weeks back critiquing the event’s area and underlining its security risks.

One piece of information was missing from the report that many are still anticipating: the event’s budget. The event is partially funded by the city, which does not plan on revealing the cost for the event until August. [Love Krakow, Radio Krakow]

Fountain cleanup before summer

In nearly two weeks (on May 1st) Krakow will turn on it’s fountains. However, before they can do that starting Tuesday the city will focus on cleaning the fountains in the Krakow Park. There are 15 fountains in Krakow with the most popular ones being on Szczepański Square, near Sukienice and in the Krakow Park. [Radio Krakow]

New LED screen system in Galeria Kazimierz

At the end of this month Galeria Kazimierz will start to phase in LED screens throughout their shopping center. The screens however will cover the ceiling of some levels and entire banners of other floors. Representatives of Galeria Kazimierz say that this is part of their new plans to roll out an interactive system, making use of the screens throughout the shopping center. [Love Krakow]


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