Krakow News 18 April 2016: Grunwaldzki statue renovation / Extradition of man to US / Partial demolition of Szkieletor


Statue on Matejki Square: renovation to begin

Starting this week works on the Grunwaldzki monument on Matejki Square will begin. Minor touches have been made to the monument in the past to maintain its appearance, however stating this week a special project approved by the committee of conservation will start. The city plans to have the monument done before this summer, as part of the city’s plans to redo major monuments before World Youth Day. [Radio Krakow]

Appeals court agrees on extradition

Krakow’s higher courts have decided on extraditing a man named Mateusz Z to the US. The appeals court examined the case of the Polish man who is wanted for a murder in Chicago that took place in 2013, of a 24-year-old woman from Czech. The man claims the death of the woman was a result of self-defense after she barged into his apartment in Chicago, knocking down his door. Shortly after the incident he fled to Poland. [Radio Krakow]

Szkieletor: partial demolition

Last month, we reported that construction on “Szkieletor” had begun. On Monday, a controlled demolishing of the building began. While the new Unity Tower will not require construction to take down the entire tower, parts of the building must go before they continue work.

Over 30 years ago the building was the project to host the Polish Federation of Engineering Association (otherwise known as, NOT) and the Polish United Workers’ Party. The building is set to get a second chance with a new project called the “Unity Tower” which will host apartments, office spaces, etc. [Onet]





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