Krakow News 15 April 2016: Ads on trams: councilwoman speaks out / Stores to close on Sundays?


Trams_in_Kraków_2_CKAds on trams: councilwoman speaks out

Councilwoman Kwiatkowska has public stated her ‘distaste’ towards Krakow’s trams. Krakow’s public transport provider states that all of the ads placed on public transport abide Polish law, while the council woman suggests that it steer away its association with companies associated with fast loans, or stores selling air guns. MPK (the public transport provider) brought in 5 million PLN in ads last year alone. [Love Krakow]

Stores to close on Sundays?

Krakow’s PiS branch is working on a bill that would limit the working hours of stores on Sundays, as well as days before holidays. The bill is supported in PiS circles in Krakow, justifying the bill as part of the framework PiS is working on to redefine Poland as a country of families. The Mayor of Krakow Majchrowski however is not in favor of the bill and has rejected similar ones in the past. [Love Krakow]



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