Krakow News 14 April 2016: Grzegórzki health center to move / Scam on A4 / Youth Festival events announced

autostrada A4, Punkt poboru opłat

Health center to move, unclear where to

Over 14 thousand Cracovian from Grzegórzek use the medical center in the area near Al. Pokoju 2. However, soon the site of the medical center will host the new Marshal Office instead, while the spot of the new medical center is still unknown. The change was announced back in 2009; however only recently were the medical center given a month’s notice to move. Local residents will be able to use the center still up to July 31st. [Love Krakow]

Scam on A4

The company behind the A4 highway warns drivers against an ongoing scam. A recent issues on the highway as of late involves vehicles parking on the side of the road with their hazard lights on, as an attempt to lure in other drivers. Once other vehicles pull over, the owner of the broken down car attempts to sell the driver counterfeit valuables in exchange for gas money. Officials ask driver’s to call police who are stationed on the A4 to intervene if such a situation is sited. [Love Krakow]

Youth Festival events announced

Over 350 events have been announced for the 70 stages of the Youth Festival, an event accompanying World Youth Day. The festival will take place July 26-29. The events are cited as being “for youths, by youths” featuring a mix of concerts, plays, art exhibits, a well as film festivals. [Onet]

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