Krakow News 11 April 2016: Ambulance accident / Podgórze project carries on / Parking sites for WYD announced


Ambulance catches on fire

On Monday morning around 11:00 am, an ambulance burst into flames on Powstańców Wielkopolskich Street. The ambulance was traveling towards Nowa Huta when the engine caught on fire. Two paramedics where inside the ambulance at the time and were able to evacuate the vehicle. [Love Krakow]

Podgórze construction continues

Staring April 18th the project to connect the railroad tracks in Podgórze will expand. This will mean larger inconveniences for drivers who travel towards Nowa Huta. [Love Krakow]

Parking sites announced for WYD

Today a special report concerning which streets will serve as parking in the city for pilgrims during World Youth Day has been released. This report also specifies which streets will serve as parking lots for some of the many thousand buses in the city. To view the complete visit, please click here. [Radio Krakow]

KRK logo retired

We reported months ago on the city slowly phasing out the colorful KRK logo seen on promotional material of the city. As of today the logo has disappeared from posters, materials and the city’s official site. The logo will instead be replaced with “KRAKÓW” of a similar font face.  [Love Krakow]

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