Krakow News 8 April 2016: Gendarmerie to visit Krakow / No money for WYD cleanup? / Power cuts in Nowa Huta


Vatican gendarmerie to visit Krakow

Near the end of April the Vatican’s gendarmerie will once again visit Poland. The purpose of their visit is to work with local government to assess the site of the event for Pope Francis. The gendarmerie plan to visit Brzegi, following a recent report on the security weakness of the site. [TVN 24]

No money for WYD cleanup?

The Department of Sanitation is currently waiting for financial support during World Youth Day. At the moment, the department estimates that a budget of 8 million PLN is necessary to keep the streets of Krakow clean during the July event. The department however claims that it has not heard back from organizers yet. [Love Krakow]

No power in part of Nowa Huta

Around 7:00 pm power in Nowa Huta neighbourhoods; the follwing were effected: Słonecznego, Szkolnego, Szklane Domy, Teatralnego, Uroczego, Krakowiaków, Sportowego and Zielonego. It has been reported that power will not be restarted till 9:45 pm, however we have no updates at the moment concerning this. [Gazeta Krakowska]

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