Krakow News 30 March 2016: Taxi driver assaulted / Unity Tower project begins / New trains for local rail / Free public transport


Taxi driver assaulted

Two young men beat up a taxi driver last night on Św. Tomasza Street. After arriving at their destination, instead of paying for their ride they started to beat the driver as well as damage the interior of the taxi. After the attack, municipal police stopped the attackers while they were getting into another taxi. [Radio Krakow]

Skeletor Unity Tower project starts

Today construction for the upcoming “Unity Tower” on the site of Krakow’s “Skeletor” began today. The site will host offices, stores, restaurants and a hotel. Those interested can reserve spots in the “Unity Tower” to rent. [Onet]

New trains for agglomeration

Krakow has just bought 12 new electric trains for its regional high-speed train system for Lesser Poland. The trains were purchased in a sale for 374 million PLN (brutto), which the city hopes on rolling out before the end of the year. The purchase serves as part of a new line for the high speed “Koleje Małopolskie”, from Krakow to Tarnów. [TVN24]

Free public transport for students

Starting the first of September till the end of June, Krakow’s primary school students will be able to take the bus or tram fro free. The new project was voted over today where 25 councillors voted for the project, with one PO councillor who abstained from voting. The project only applies to children in primary schools who can ride for free during the week, and the weekends. [TVN24]

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