Over 400 felines will be shown at annual Int’l Feline Exhibition to be held June 9-10 at Krakow Hall

More than 400 animals will take part in the annual International Feline Exhibition organized by the Krakow Felinology Club on June 9-10. The event will feature contestants from Poland and nearby countries.
The audience will have a chance to see felines of European, American, African and Asian breeds.
?The most strongly represented breed at the exhibition will be the Maine Coon,? said KFC chairwoman Iwona Flak. These are known to be among the largest cats and are famous for their thick fur. They are also playful and intelligent.
Norwegian Forest, Siberian, British and Ragdoll breeds are expected to show in large numbers. The event will also feature an exhibit of rare breeds such as the American Curl and Devon Rex Russian Blue, also to be ranked by jurors.
Trophies will be awarded in four main categories by judges from the Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe). Guests will have a chance to consult the breeders about their pets? menus and care, and to buy anything that their cats may need.
The exhibition will take place on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00-18:00 in the Targi at Krakow Hall on ul. Centralna 41. You can get there by taking tram (lines 1 or 22) from the center of the city. Admission ? 12 zloty.

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