Krakow News 24 March 2016: Anti-terrorism preparation / New summer flights from KRK / Weekend public transport schedule

Children conduct a “duck and cover” exercise to prepare for a nuclear attack. The Polish government has announced plans to educate schoolkids on how to protect themselves in the event of terrorism.

After Brussels attacks, Krakow grapples with security

Following Tuesday’s terrorist bombings in Brussels, which killed 32 people, the Polish government is taking measures to ensure it is prepared in case of a similar event. Of special concern is the 2016 World Youth Day at the end of July, when Pope Francis will visit Krakow and the city’s population is expected to swell to more than double with Catholic pilgrims. Some of the steps being taken or discussed:

  • Placing Polish security forces on high alert following this week’s attacks
  • Pulling in 3,500 police officers from around Poland to Krakow for World Youth Day, more than doubling the current forces, and providing new equipment
  • Running evacuation and response drills, such as one in the tunnel beneath the main railway station last week
  • Visiting schools to educate young people on how to act in the event of an attack
  • Encouraging people to donate blood to prevent shortages in the event of an emergency
  • Beefing up anti-terror laws to give prosecutors greater tools to use against suspects [Onet]

Krakow airport announces new summer flights

The Krakow Balice airport has announced its summer schedule, which will begin this weekend and run through October. New additions include connections to Paris (via Air France), Copenhagen (via SAS), Madrid (via Iberia), Milan (via easyJet), Athens (via Aegean) , Manchester (via and Bristol (RyanAir). In total there will be 80 destinations available (70 passenger and 10 charter), an increase of 9 over last year. [Nasze Miasto]

Getting around this Easter weekend

Municipal authorities have announced that Krakow’s public transport system will remain unchanged over Easter weekend, operating on its usual weekend schedule. However, residents are reminded that most shops will be closed on Sunday and possibly before and/or after, so don’t wait until Sunday morning to buy eggs. [Radio Krakow]

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