Krakow local news: Thursday, 10 March 2016


Smog protest, or politics

Supporters of Gibały marched throughout the city protesting the current president’s attitude towards smog. The group marched with Gibały who faced off with current incumbent president Majchrowski hopes to make another bid for president of Krakow in 2018, with growing criticism surrounding Majchrowski’s smog policy. [Love Krakow]

Accident underlines demands

Today on Armii Krajowej Street three cars collided in an accident, causing major traffic jams. The lack of proper barriers or assistance from the city is often criticised by residents, stating that the road is too narrow and that there is no proper lane separation. Krakow’s ZIKiT states that they are working to improve the road, however they will not be installing barriers anytime soon since as they claim they will not fit. [Love Krakow]

Major fire in Krakow

Today at 23:29, a tired factory on Jana Dekerta Street burst out in flames. No one was supposedly injured in the fire, with 14 fire fighters working to put the fire down. [TVN 24]



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