Krakow Local News: Sunday, 6 March 2016


Street race attracts over 200

Late last night Krakow’s police officers issued up to 210 tickets for illegal street racing. Due to this up to 35 drivers lost their registration and four their driver’s licenses. Some were reported to have been under the influence of alcohol and drugs. [Gazeta Krakowska]

Human bone found

During a walk through Podgórze’s cemetery, visitors discovered a human bone tied in a bow. Once police arrived at the scene other bones were found as well. Police suspect that the bones may have been dug up during routine works at the cemetery; however, they stated it is too early to speculate. [Onet]

NFZ to celebrate women’s day

The Lesser Poland division of Poland’s health care provider NFZ is planning a treat for women on International Women’s Day on March 8th. For residents of Nowa Huta women visiting can update themselves on tests available for their age groups, as well as receive a red carnation and a small gift. [Love Krakow]

Road works announced

A sign appeared on Brożka Street informing drivers of upcoming road works. The project will start on March 14th. [Love Krakow]

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