Krakow Local News: Thursday, 25 February 2016


Krakow to phase out logo

If you live in Krakow you’ve probably seen leaflets baring the bold KRK logo for the city. The city introduced the logo in 2012 and has announced that it plans to phase out the logo. While there are no new plans on what will replace the logo, the city is taking a look at its image and trying to find a new strategy to promote the city. [Love Krakow]

Eco friendly public transport in Zakopane

Zakopane will launch new ecologically friendly buses this April. The city has also decided to allow drivers who leave their car at home to take public transport for free. They hope the new program will help decrease pollution and traffic in the area. [Radio Krakow]

City bikes launch delayed

Krakow’s city bike system was supposed to start back up in March. However, new reports show that the city is still in talks with the bike system’s operator. A representative for Krakow’s ZIKiT urges residents to wait a bit longer, since the city hopes to announce a large new improved city bike system. [Love Krakow]

How happy are Cracovians?

In Krakow, resident satisfaction rates are high in all neighborhoods. The least satisfied citizens of Krakow are in the city center with a satisfaction rate of 81%; however, the winner of all of Krakow is Nowa Huta with 92%. This region of Krakow is the most Cracovian, with 68% of its residents natives of Krakow. [Love Krakow]


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