Single-sex education conference on June 12-13

The Ministry of Education is organizing an international conference on June 11-12 in Krakow and Warsaw on, ?The Perspectives of Differentiated Education — Western Schooling Experiences of Girls and Boys.?
Single-sex classes and schools are becoming more popular across Europe and research shows that pupils achieve a higher level of education in single-sex schools.
Most older higher educational institutions in Europe have had single-sex enrollment at some point in their history.
?According to American research, single-sex schools are more effective,? said Dr. Krzysztof Polak, vice head of the Pedagogical Institute at Jagiellonian University.
According to Rzeczpospolita newspaper, Dr. Polak was surprised at the influence of single-sex schools on the social development of its pupils.
In co-ed schools, results showed that boys received stricter educational support, which is the main reason why girls have fewer chances of becoming successful in the workplace later in life, Dr. Polak explained. He added that at single-sex institutions pupils are treated more or less similar. He pointed out that both Madelaine Albright and Condoleezza Rice had been educated at single-sex institutions.
NASSPE, an American non-profit organization in Maryland dedicated to the advancement of single-sex public education, emphasizes that single-sex classrooms break-down gender stereotypes. Girls in single-sex educational settings are more likely to take classes in math, science and IT. Boys in single-sex schools are more likely to pursue art, music, drama and foreign languages. Research suggests that both girls and boys have more freedom to explore their interests and abilities in single-sex classrooms.

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