Krakow Local News: Saturday, 20 February 2016

Ramona Ondycz (Krakow local news: Saturday 20 February 2016)
Ramona Ondycz accused the government of Czchów of treating her family “like trash” (TVP)

Roma evicted in Lesser Poland town

Mayor Marek Chudoba has forbid three Romani families from inhabiting a a house in Czchów, a town in Lesser Poland (Małopolskie), which legally belonged to them. Citing threats against their safety from the community on “internet forums” as well as the condition of the property, Chudoba issued a decree to possess and raze the house. One of the Romani, Ramona Ondycz, said policies against her people treated them “like garbage” and was destroying their lives. The government of Lesser Poland opposes the town’s actions and is in legal negotiations to reverse the decision. [Gazeta Krakowska]

Krakow Zoo bars to be replaced with glass

The Krakow Zoo is using 1 million złoty from the city budget to renovate its enclosures, replacing the traditional bars with thick glass and ensuring that all the animals have sufficient space. Director Józef Skotnicki happily said the move would finally bring the zoo “into the 21st century.” [Gazeta Wyborcza]

National Museum holds communism-inspired fashion contest

Accompanying Cracow Fashion Week as well as its ongoing exhibition on fashion in the People’s Republic of Poland, the National Museum of Krakow is inviting people to submit photographs of models showing off design inspired by communist aesthetics. Five winners will be chosen by experts for the top prizes, and the top 20 members may be invited to participate in a special fashion show. Entries are due March 1st. [Onet]

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