Krakow Local News: Saturday, 13 February 2016

krakow ticket machine

New ticket inspectors have already caught over 3,000

After several years of plainclothes ticket inspectors, Krakow’s newly uniformed officers are proving to have some success. The new policy, which puts half of the more than 100 controllers in street clothes and half in easily identified uniforms, have resulted in over 3,000 fines from riders without tickets since it began at the beginning of this month. A spokesman said that the uniforms had the effect of inspiring greater trust and comfort among passengers, but that they issued fewer fines because free-riders often quickly  disembarked or purchased and validated tickets upon spotting them. [Love Krakow]

Krakow: The best Polish city?

The international professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers has ranked Krakow first among 12 Polish cities it evaluated, this year surpassing Warsaw. They cited the city’s strong economic growth, its positive image, investment, and human capital. Krakow’s worst category was “quality of life” due to smog and traffic problems, though the PwC credited local authorities with taking some steps in the right direction. [Onet]

Fresh avalanche warning

The rescue organization TOPR has issued a new 3rd degree warning of avalanches for the Tatra Mountains. They compared hitting the sloped to “treading through a minefield” and urged skiers and hikers to at least carry a shovel and avalanche detection equipment. [Gazeta Krakowsa]

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