Krakow Local News: Thursday, 11 February 2016


Black ice warning

Due to the rain and snowfall yesterday and today, meteorologists are warning pedestrians and drivers to be careful today. The temperature last night was between -3 to -1 °C, leading to black ice formation on sidewalks and roads. If your street hasn’t been cleared by the MPO, then you can contact them at or call them at 12 646 23 61 to report any issues.[Love Krakow]

New apartment complex in Grzegórzki

Construction for the last few days on Mogilska Street has got people asking what will take the place of a building that was torn down. A 14-story apartment complex will take its place, consisting of 112 apartments. The project is planned to be ready by 2018. [Radio Krakow]

Safety Map in the works

Police and state organs of Lesser Poland are currently working on a new project that will help coordination between divisions easier. A “safety map” is in the works, which will include three levels: national, regional, and county. It will be a tool to help social cooperation with the police as well, to help identify where and why civilians do not feel safe. [Onet]

Tragedy in Lesser Poland

The body of a newborn was found wrapped in a dark industrial strength plastic bag in the village of Popowice near Krakow today. An investigation is underway. [Interia]

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