Krakow Local News: Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Kołobrzeg_-_korek_drogowyTraffic paralyzes part of the city

Since earlier today the roads have been paralyzed near Zakopianka. Trams have been stopped going towards this part of the city, and the roads are experiencing extreme traffic jams after a car accident today left one dead on Głogowie Street. [Love Krakow]

New mall in the works

A new shopping mall has broken ground between Bora-Komorowski Street and Dobrego Pastera Street. Thanks to this year’s warm winter the construction is planned to go non-stop until its completion, with many hopes for it to be done before the year is over. The shopping mall called “Serenada” will host 170 stores and have parking to fit up to 3280 vehicles. [Strefa Biznesu]

“The Citizen’s Budget” gets an increase

It has been decided that 2016’s “Citizen’s Budget” will be approximately 8.5 million PLN. This will be the third “Citizen’s Budget” where the city will dedicate an approved sum to citizen proposed projects. Throughout all of March citizens of the region will be able to submit their proposals on how the budget should be used. The results will be announced sometime in June along with a list of projects. To learn more about this initiative, read about last year’s budget. [Love Krakow]



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