Krakow Local News: Monday, 25 January 2016


Fewer cars on the Main Square

The city is planning on creating new rules for cars entering the Main Square and surrounding streets. Up until this point companies delivering to businesses on the Main Square had time between 23 to 10; however, with the new rules the city wants to introduce, delivery vans will only have time till 8. City officials state that the changes are due to the large amount of vehicles on the Main Square between 8 and 10, which cause problems for pedestrians in the summer.  []

Public transport back to normal

Due to the improving quality of air in Krakow, starting midnight free public transport was called off. Public transport is free when PM10 is over 150 µg/m3, and last night it was recorded at 83 µg/m3. Public transport was free this weekend after the average air pollution at all stations was recorded being over 150 µg/m3. Public transit was free for those with valid vehicle registrations and their passengers.  []

“Wielka Krokiew” to undergo changes

Plans to renovate the “Wielka Krokiew” (translation: The Great Krokiew) will begin next year. Wielka Krokiew is the site of popular ski jumping events in Zakopane, such as this past weekend’s Men’s Ski Jumping World Cup competition, and currently seats 40,000 people. []


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