Film Review: Cassandra’s Dream

Woody Allen tends to polarize people. This has little to do with his skills as a film-maker, and rather more to do with his neurotic onscreen persona, which some hail as an all-time great comic creation, whilst others run a mile. This reviewer has to confess that he’s one of the mile-runners, and it was with a sense of impending doom that he approached the cinema for Cassandra’s Dream. But surprises were in store. Cassandra’s Dream is a nimble, finely paced film that blends black comedy with elements of the suspense thriller. There’s also a dollop of Classical myth, but owing to the size of this review, you’re saved from having to hear a lot of claptrap about Trojan horses and three-headed dogs. Which is all the better, as Cassandra’s Dream is not a film that takes itself deadly seriously (even though deadly is a word that’s very much on the agenda). Ian and Terry (Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell) are two thirtysomething brothers from South London who dream of forging a more glamorous future. Debts, ambition and chance conspire to throw them along some highly unexpected paths. Will they finally get in over their heads? And is hotshot Uncle Howard really the saviour they need? Allen coaxes some fine performances out of his cast, particularly Farrell, who despite a faltering accent, delivers a memorable turn. Likewise Sally Hawkins as his happy-go-lucky girlfriend. All in all a sparkling black diamond.

Cassandra’s Dream (Sen Kasandry) is playing across Krakow

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