Polish editions of regional press in Great Britain: Kronika Reading, Gazeta z Highland, Polski Herald

The Reading Chronicle was the first British newspaper to publish a weekly Polish edition. Due to the overwhleming response of Polish patrons, other newspapers have begun to cater to the Polish community by including Poland in their circulation areas.

According to the Guardian, the first information regarding the trial issue of Kronika Reading was issued in October 2006. Polish shops and clubs from Reading to Berkshire were selling Kronika Reading.

The reaction of Poles was tremendous. Another newspaper, written in both Polish and English, is the broadsheet Gazeta z Highland. The 20-page full-color tabloid, published in Scotland, comes out every two months. The first Polish version was launched last February.
?There?s a strong feeling that we should be doing our best to integrate society, so if Scottish people in the area can read about what?s happening in the Polish community, then there will be a general interest in one another,? ? said Helen MacRae, editor of Gazeta z Highland.

The largest Polish newspaper being published, however, is in Dublin, Ireland. Polski Herald has been featured as a section once a week inside Dublin?s Evening Herald since November 2005.

Evening Herald Editor Stephen Rae said, ?This is the first time that a news organization in democratic Europe has printed foreign-language supplements for new immigrants and it has been a commercial and social success.?
Currently, an estimated one million Poles live in UK. Many of them lack the necessary English level to read newspapers, making Polish editions more practical.

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