New school for blind children

Money donated after a destructive fire in November at the center for blind children in Laski (near Warsaw) will be spent on the primary school’s reconstruction. When the news spread about the fire in the school and gymnasium, thousands of people donated money. Simultaneously, charity balls and performances were organized. The center also received various gifts ranging from schoolroom equipment to towels and clothes. The response surpassed all expectations, and in Laski a decision was made: Instead of rebuilding the burned school, a new school will be constructed.

The new building will be equipped with huge windows as well as wooden elements. Its design will be simple, so that children can move freely and without difficulty. The building should be ready in September 2009. The cost of the building is estimated at 3.5 mln zloty. “We will try to get an allocation from EU funds,” said Jerzy Migurski, administrative director of the center. “We could then build a modern gymnasium, sport fields and bike paths. We would also like to renew the dormitory for girls and set up a music school.”

Center authorities also hope to restore the swimming pool and the computer operation. “Until now we had money only for current needs,” Migurski said. “Now we can at last make the more ambitious plans.”

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