Kazuhisa Uchihashi — Improvised Guitar at Klub Re

Kazuhisa Uchihashi, one of world?s most important improvisional guitarists, will perform on Thursday, May 24, at 20:00 in Klub Re. This is the fourth of five concerts on this year?s solo tour of Poland, which will conclude in Wroclaw on May 25.
Uchihashi, one of the most important figures of Japanese avant-garde music, was born in Osaka in 1959 and started playing the guitar at the age of 12.
 In 1983, he gave up his earlier interests ? rock and traditional jazz ? and decided to commit himself totally to improvised music.

In 1990, he formed Altered States, an improvised rock trio, and played in the legendary Japanese noise-rock band Ground Zero from 1994 till 1997. He also played with virtually every important jazz and improvisional music performer.
His performances prove that no real borderlines exist in music, as he draws extensively on genres such as jazz, rock, blues, country and noise. Using just a few guitar effects (none of them digital), he creates a whole universe of unexpected and fascinating sounds.

Apart from the guitar, he uses a daxophone, a friction idiophone instrument invented by Hans Reichel, which he plays with a bow, producing sounds often similar to human voices.

Uchihashi is no stranger to the Polish audience, as he has come here several times since his first visit in 2001 (with Altered States). One of his visits (with drummer Tatsuya Yoshida) resulted in the live album Hercules Icy Club, published in 2005.
The title of one of the tracks, Smalec on Fire, seems like a memory of one of the heavier ingredients of the Polish cuisine.
The price of the tickets is 15/20 zloty. Klub Re is on ul. Swietego Krzyza 4, two blocks away from Rynek Glówny (the Main Square) ? walk down ul. Sienna or ul. Mikolajska.

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